These are fantastic! So easy to use and the kids love them. Software technophobe friendly!
Natasha Moores, Teacher Wood Lane Primary

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to a number of the common questions that we are asked about StoryPhones. If the answer to your question is not here, please phone 01670 590 646 or email ( with your question - we will be happy to help.

What can I play on my StoryPhones?

Anything in MP3 format can be added to the StoryPhones library on your computer and then downloaded to the Headsets. Please click on 'Audio Content' on the menu on the left of this page to find out more.

How do I load stories and music on to the Headsets?

When you wish to transfer stories, music, listening activities etc. to StoryPhones, connect the system to a computer by the Base Unit. The Bookshelf software is then used to transfer stories and any other content onto the Headsets. The Bookshelf software is very simple to use with a drag and drop interface and lots of useful features. Please click on 'Base Unit' and 'Bookshelf Software' on the menu to the left to find out more.

Do I have to have the same listening activity on each headset?

No. You can have the same content playing on each headset, or an entirely different activity on each one.

How do I record my own content?

The Remote Console has a built in microphone which can be used to record stories, poems, "Listen and Do" activities, instructions etc. These can then be saved and used on StoryPhones anytime you wish.

Can children record their own stories and songs?

Yes. Children can use the Remote Console to record their own stories and songs which are then added to the Bookshelf library when the Console is stored on the Base Unit. They can then share their stories with their friends.

How long will the battery last?

The StoryPhones system uses rechargeable batteries in the Headsets and Remote Console. These are designed to last at least one year and can be replaced easily and at low cost.

How do the Headsets recharge if the computer is switched off?

The batteries in the Headsets and Remote Console are recharged when they are stored in the Base Unit. The Base Unit has its own mains power supply so the computer does not need to be switched on to charge up the Headsets. (This also means that the system can be used in any country).

Why can't I adjust the size of the Headsets?

The Headsets have been designed for durability. Any moving parts for adjustment make the Headsets more likely to break. The Headsets have been designed to fit children between the ages of 3 to 8, but in fact we find that they also fit older children.

How many hours of stories or music can I fit onto StoryPhones?

Each headset can store up to about 10 hours of content.

Do I need more than one license for the software if I want to install it on more than one computer?

No. The software can be installed on as many computers as you like in your setting - you buy a site licence.

What type of computer do I need to use the StoryPhone software?

The StoryPhone Bookshelf software runs on Windows PC's. You will need to have Windows XP or any more recent Windows version (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8). You need a USB port (all modern PCs have one) and only a very basic PC.

How long do the Headsets remain charged?

In normal use the Headsets should remain charged for about 8 hours.

Can I use them outside?

Yes. As the Headsets are powered by battery they can be used anywhere including outside.

Are they safe to use with young children?

StoryPhones use a radio link from the Remote Console to the Headsets allowing teachers to control the listening activities in group work. The Headsets do not transmit radio waves and so any concerns expressed over radio waves and mobile phones are not relevant to StoryPhones.

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