My Grandson has some of these in his nursery and he loves them. They are fantastic!
Margaret Hitchins, Childminder

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StoryPhones Little Listener

The Loud Speaking MP3 Player
Click on the Little Listener to see a detailed diagram.

The Little Listener is a hand held loud speaking MP3 player from StoryPhones. Children of any age can listen out loud and record wherever they want, even outside.
Since this is a StoryPhones MP3 player, the Little Listeners are robust and easy to use.
  • Very robust and easy to use, no moving parts to break off.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Wire-Free, no more tangled or messy wires.
  • Simple controls: Play/Pause/Stop, Skip Forward/Back, Record, Volume.
  • Built-in microphone for recording.
  • Switch Control.
  • Volume mute.
  • Headphones sockets.
  • Can be linked to computer or whiteboard speakers.

Using the StoryPhones BookShelf software you can:

  • Add and delete content.
  • Organise MP3 tracks.
  • Create Playlists and folders.
  • Select either Continuous Play or Single Track modes.
  • Disable the Record button.




Read the following testimonials from:

Drapers Mill, South Stanley


All of these features mean that your children can:

  • Listen to audio stories anywhere.
  • Join in with singing songs.
  • Use audio resources in role play areas.
  • Take part in group listening activities.
  • Listen without having to use control buttons.
  • Make listening activities an easy, child led experience.

Please note that the Little Listener is a stand alone player and does not have a remote control function for use with the StoryPhones Headsets.


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