My Grandson has some of these in his nursery and he loves them. They are fantastic!
Margaret Hitchins, Childminder

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The Audio Download Store for StoryPhones
BookShelf is the exclusive digital audio download store for StoryPhones providing guided reading audio books, curriculum audio resources, audio stories, songs and music.

All of our audio resources are digital and here's why:

  • No more lost or scratched CD's. All of the audio tracks are digital and stored on your computer.

  • Your children can listen to different tracks at the same time using multiple StoryPhones Players.

  • You can create Playlists and use only the tracks needed for a planned activity.

  • No need for multiple copies of a CD. Digital audio allows you to play the same track in many different locations at the same time and all downloads come with a site license to allow use throughout your establishment.

Buying audio tracks from BookShelf is so convenient because:
  • You can buy credit for your account in the store and avoid the use of credit cards or invoices for small purchases.
  • Each track is purchased with a site license for your whole establishment.
  • You will have a permanent link for your purchases on the store, should you ever need to download it again.
  • You will have instant access to an ever growing range of audio resources.
Our Audio Resources

We resell audio stories, songs, music and activities from a wide range of publishers and content providers including:

And we are adding new titles all of the time.
You will also receive our regular monthly Resources Newsletter keeping you up to date with new audio tracks, ideas and free downloads.

  Listening out of the box - find out which tracks are included with your software.

Click here to view the catalogue of the MP3 audio downloads available through BookShelf.


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