These are fantastic! So easy to use and the kids love them. Software technophobe friendly!
Natasha Moores, Teacher Wood Lane Primary

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So what is StoryPhones?

Well it's not just headphones! StoryPhones is a set of individual MP3 player headsets, a loud speaking MP3 player with microphone, and a USB base unit. All of the players have rechargeable batteries so there are no more messy wires to tangle up or trip over. All StoryPhones products include the BookShelf software with exclusive access to our educational download store. The possibilities of using StoryPhones to help develop children's listening, communication and literacy skills are endless.

StoryPhones' unique features give all children, regardless of need or ability, access to audio resources.

Features (it's a long list...)

  • Wire free, rechargeable MP3 headsets for listening anywhere, indoors or outside. (Each MP3 player is charged and ready to play out of the box with sample tracks included.)

  • Foam pads that can't be picked off! (A row of teeth inside the moulding holds the foam pads tightly in place, they cannot be picked off. The only way these can be removed is by loosening the screw and removing the plastic moulding).

  • Very robust and easy to use. Children can play/pause, adjust the volume and move through the different tracks. (Our headsets are designed to twist and bend and stand up to the constant use of little hands)

  • All of our MP3 players come with over 30 audio tracks including stories, songs and listening games. (learn more)
    Each player including the Remote Console can be set up to play a different set of tracks so seven children can listen to a different activity at the same time.

  • Remote Control feature for group listening, great for child and adult led activities.

  • StoryPhones BookShelf software, with media play, file storage, audio management, play list creation, tag editing, children's mode, training videos and help file.

  • Download the same track to multiple headsets.

  • Site license for your establishment allowing you to share your audio resources throughout your establishment.

  • Loud speaking MP3 player with record feature - the "Remote Console".

  • Rechargeable batteries.

  • Multi-way USB base unit for recharging batteries and uploading tracks.

  • Ability to set players into different modes and settings to suit the needs of your children

    • Automatic Play Control with rewind feature. (learn more)

    • Disabling Function Buttons. (learn more)

    • Remote Console and Remote Control Mode. (learn more)

    • Play Single Track. (learn more)

    • Adding the same track to multiple players. (learn more)

  • Play MP3 or WAV files from any source.

  • Output to drive a loud-speaker or PA system.

  • Switch control for up to two switch devices.

  • Headphone output for adult wired earphones

  • Volume mute feature.

  • Compatible with most MP3 and WAV recorders.

  • Import MP3 files from other sources.

  • Free technical and customer support.

So What Does This Mean?

It means that you and your children will have an easy and flexible way of using audio resources and listening can now become part of your children's everyday learning experience. If you would like to learn more about StoryPhones, you can phone 01670 590 646 and we will be delighted to chat to you.



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"Using StoryPhones to Extend Dance and Movement"



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