These are fantastic! So easy to use and the kids love them. Software technophobe friendly!
Natasha Moores, Teacher Wood Lane Primary

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Here are some great ideas about how to use StoryPhones in your setting. StoryPhones is a very flexible resource... we are extremely interested in hearing how you use yours! Please get in touch with us, let us know your ideas, and we will upload all the best ones here for others to try and share.

Listen to sound effects in your role play area, either through the Headsets or out loud on the Remote Console. This could include wild animal sounds in your jungle role play, space sound effects in your rocket ship, or Italian music in your role play restaurant!

Record your own minibeast hunt, directing children to look in different places for minibeasts in your outdoor area. There could be a strong focus on positional vocabulary (e.g. "look UNDER the log"). The children could listen to this individually on the Headsets to encourage focused listening and following instructions. Alternatively, the children could listen to them in groups using the loud speaking Remote Console to encourage group work. The children could also record themselves on a minibeast hunt; recording where they are looking and what they have found.

Listen to audio stories:

Listen to audio stories with the book helps children to develop book skills for simple things such as page turning. Children can begin to follow the text whilst listening to the story although this can be a difficult task for some beginner readers. Bear in mind also the pace of the audio story.
Listen to audio stories without the book helps to develop children's listening, language and imagination skills. Listening to the story without the pictures will encourage the child to generate their own images and ideas of the settings, characters and events.

How can StoryPhones support children's communication skills?

Listening Skills
Children need good listening skills to develop understanding and use of language. Below are some ways you can use StoryPhones to help develop these skills by playing:

  • Environmental Sounds games

  • Auditory memory games

  • Who am I games

  • Listen and do games

  • Treasure hunts

  • Listening to audio stories

Phonological Awareness
Awareness of sounds in spoken language, rhythm and rhyme all help children to develop good spoken language skills. You can use StoryPhones to help develop these skills by:

  • Listing to songs and rhymes

  • Environmental sounds

  • Listening to rhyming stories

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