These are fantastic! So easy to use and the kids love them. Software technophobe friendly!
Natasha Moores, Teacher – Wood Lane Primary

Software PC Version

Software Version 1.7.2 has been released.
This fixes a minor issue with Network Installs and Content transfer.
You can download this from the main Support page, left hand side, or via the following links:

1.7.2 Full - this version contains the program, free MP3 files and training videos. Size is 473MB so could take an hour or more to download depending on your network speed. Videos are 22 short (1 – 2 minutes) “How to” videos on using StoryPhones.

1.7.2 NV - No Videos - this version contains the program and free MP3 files but no training videos. Size is 125MB so should take 15 to 20 minutes to download depending on your network speed.

1.7.2 Basic - this version contains the program only. Size is 62.4MB so should take 5 to 10 minutes to download depending on your network speed.

StoryPhones PC V1.7.2 Full

StoryPhones PC V1.7.2 Lite
StoryPhones PC V1.7.2 No Videos    125mb


Little Listener Manual
StoryPhones Manual


Disk Management

Contacting Support

If you cannot find an answer online, you can contact us in the following ways:
Phone: 01670 594 142

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run the StoryPhones Software on my PC?
StoryPhones requires a PC running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8 as an Operating System.

Do you do a Mac Version of the software?

What is my account name and password?
When you first install the StoryPhones software you will be prompted to create a unique username and password. Please make a careful note of this as these details will enable you to access our online store and purchase more titles, as well as give you access to the Customer Zone on this website.

Why haven't I received my activation e-mail yet?
Sometimes the account activation e-mail gets filtered by authority or local spam filters. If you have not received your activation e-mail within 24hrs, please contact us and we resolve any outstanding activation issues.

Why can't I access the Online Store?
There are several reasons why this might not be possible and this issue is best dealt with by contacting our support by phone on 01670 590 646 or e-mail so we can troubleshoot the issue.

How do I know which version of StoryPhones I am using?
To find this out you can see the version number on the bottom right hand side of the loading "splash" screen that pops up when you open the software. Alternatively you can see the software version at anytime whilst running the program by logging into teacher mode, opening the settings window, and looking in the bottom left hand corner. If you do not see a version number, you are running version 1.2 or lower.

Is there an updated version of the StoryPhones Software available?
We continually strive to improve our product and increase functionality and as such release periodic updates. You can get the very latest version by visiting our Customer Zone. We strongly recommend you always run the most current available version.

When the children use the Headsets, nothing happens when they press the buttons?
The most common reason for this is that the Headset is set to Remote Control Mode, or Automatic Play Mode and the buttons have been disabled in the Player Settings panel. To check this, or to reset to Normal use, Open the StoryPhones software and log in as "Teacher". Then go to Player Settings and use the relevant tick boxes to select your preferred control method.

I have lost my Manual / CD, how can I get a replacement?
You can log into our Customer Zone to access and download a digital copy.

StoryPhones is produced by Opsol UK Limited. Tel: 01670 590 646 E: