These are fantastic! So easy to use and the kids love them. Software technophobe friendly!
Natasha Moores, Teacher Wood Lane Primary


Some StoryPhone Devices are missing from the dropdown list, but they are not faulty.

There are two reasons why a device may not appear in the dropdown list in the BookShelf software. The first, and more serious, is that the device itself is faulty. The second, which we will deal with in this guide, is that there is a conflict between the device and another drive (phyiscal or mapped) over the drive letter.

To get the most out of this guide, we recommend the following:

  • You are at a computer.

  • You have the StoryPhones BookShelf software installed.

  • You have the StoryPhones devices charged and plugged into the computer.

1. Firstly, press the following keys: Windows + R
This should bring up the Run dialog. In this box type 'compmgmt.msc' then press OK.
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2. The following step should have brought up the Computer Management window. In the list to the left hand side of the window, select 'Disk Management'. In the central pane of the window, you should see a list of all drives attached to your computer.

3. For each storyphone in the list, right click the name and choose 'Change Drive Letters and Paths...'. This should bring up a little box with a list of letters (usually just a single letter) used to access that drive. Select the first letter and then press the change button. This will bring up a further prompt. In this prompt, there should be a dropdown list of drive letters. Simply choose a letter that you know is available. We recommend that you choose a block of letters to dedicate to a set of StoryPhones. Once you have chosen a letter, simply press OK on all prompts until you arrive back at the list of drives. Depending on your Windows settings, you may get an Auto-Run popup after changing the drive letter, you can simply close/ignore these.

4. Once you have done this for all StoryPhones that were not showing up in the list you should be able to see all the devices in the StoryPhones software.


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